Monday, February 13, 2012

God Must Wear Camouflage

Cloaked in clothing made of stars, God and his angels could wait nearby, just above our heads, hiding in plain sight. I imagine, if I ever met God, he would be wearing a tuxedo that was as black as the deep recesses of space, shimmering lightly with his creations. There, on his elbow, would be a galaxy I recognized as mine.
"Come," He would take me kindly by the hand, a strong arm around my shoulder. "Come and see what I've made for you."
He would take me then on a tour of the cosmos, pointing out each wonder with a smile. Sometimes, I lose him in the backdrop of stars, but his hand is always there on mine.
Once we had seen everything, he said, "And now, one more surprise for you." With a little florish, he reveals to me a gown of stars woven together by the dust of the universe, twinkling like diamonds in the light of his smile. "A special dress for my special angel." My own camouflage.
When the day arrives that I die, look to the skies, I will be there watching over you in my twinkling dress, with God, wearing the camouflage of the Heavens.  

Sunday, February 12, 2012

As I Lay Dying

As I lay dying
The stars hang suspended above me. I lay there for so long that they spin in circles around my head. I can feel the earth beneath me, impossibly huge and elegant. As the planet orbits in its graceful circles, I can see forever. 
As I lay dying 
I can feel my body becoming a part of earth itself. Though we are endlessly turning, the earth and I, winding our way through the cosmos, we do not get dizzy. We can see forever. 
As I lay dying 
On the cold cement of my driveway, I inhale once more to smell crisp winter air and frozen ground. I am one breath closer to death, one breath closer to becoming a part of the universe who's images I crave. One day another girl will lay here, where I lay now. 
"Look!" she will whisper to me. "Look. Can you see it? Can you feel it?" 
"Yes" I will reply and wrap her in arms of earth. "I always have."