Monday, October 21, 2013


Is never what you expect. I’m learning every day that
Means embracing things that you never would have thought possible.
Like looking into the mirror and seeing a girl with a faux hawk,
Like writing an entire novel in thirty days,
Like believing that a tree can have a name and that when the wind rustles through its branches, it’s just trying to communicate.  
My world is slowly changing around me and the more I learn, the more I realize that
Is filled with things that I never believed were possible.
I’m starting to believe in the power of trees,
That my roommate can psychically feel where you’re hurting and make it better with a touch,
That maybe before Adam and Eve, the was Adam and Lilith,
That I really do see dead people,
That this world is so much more than we know.
Has me dreaming of being a bartender,
Hanging a willow branch next to my bed to give me the creativity to write,
Drinking cheap whiskey that tastes like hairspray,
And looking around every corner for the next impossible thing to believe in.
I believe.
I believe in full moons
In vampires
In time travel
In Aliens
That laughter can heal
That friendship can be the best and worst decision you ever make
That hope is all the keeps us alive.
I believe in God
I believe in voodoo
I believe in witches and zombies and fae.
I know that there are psychics
That there are empaths and mediums.
I know that all of this is nonsense.
But life…
Keeps showing me the impossible every day.

Who am I to stop believing?