Monday, June 6, 2011

The Alphabet Book

You know how the Alphabet books have all the same pictures? Well I've never seen half of them in my life. But you know what I saw yesterday? A Quail! I real life Quail! It had the little whoopdy black head curl thing and everything! It was amazing. I didn't know they really existed.
So I was wondering: Fact or Fiction? How many things in the Alphabet have you actually seen? Here's another one. I for Ink with the picture of the little black inkwell thing.

So anyways, I love how often there are coincidences in life. I just posted "Truth" which is about what we really know in life, and I've had five conversations about that same topic since then. It's been really exciting because it's helped me get super in depth with the story I'm writing, and how to push the message through that I'm looking for.

I'm also writing a book on twitter! One post at a time :) Probably around one every day or two, just a quick sentence (140 characters) that will turn into a book. Exciting, no?
So lots of things coming up. I'll post links and things here. It's going to be a fun summer.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


I'm writing a story currently and it's brought up an interesting question. What do we really know?
It's about (without saying too much) a girl who was raised to believe that she has a demon inside of her vying for control. She was taught that every time she made a mistake or sinned, it gave the demon a greater control over her.
Not a hugely fascinating or deep idea, but while going through some characterizations with her I realized the dilemma. We only know what we are taught.
The Laminates in ancient America were taught by the "wicked traditions of their fathers" but that is what they knew to be correct. How could they be blamed?
What if we don't know what we think we know?
I've had a few different discussions on the subject of "truth." Can you have a knowledge of something that is not true? One of the men I was arguing with said you cannot, but I think that you can. Hundreds of years ago people knew that the earth was flat. They knew it. It was the knowledge of the time. There's nothing wrong with that, their idea was just not correct.
Science is a constant cycle of that same idea. We have our theories and laws until we learn more and gain a deeper understanding that proves our old ideas to be false. So we revise the textbooks and move on.
This causes me to wonder... what do we know now that isn't true? I'm sure there are the theories of the universe, how it was created and things of that nature that we just don't have any clue about. But what about our every day things? We have our basic ideas of what is right and what is wrong, but so did the Laminates. Now, I have my religion, obviously, and I believe in the things that I choose to believe. But assuming that one religion is more correct than another is to say that what other people know to be "truth" is incorrect.
It's sort of a scary thought, isn't it?
What do we know? What is truth? Maybe the earth really is flat. Who knows?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

For Miranda

My dearest Miranda,

Oh the things I could tell you. But mostly, why are you leaving me?! -insert sad face here- We just met and now you're going off to graduate without me.  But that's okay. I'm excited for you to get the change to move on and get out of the hole that is the public education system. Ha.
I'm younger than you, I know, but I'm not so young that I can't recognize the opportunity to give some advice.
First: You're still young. You have your entire life ahead of you to live and enjoy. Your dreams have years to grow and be realized and come to fruition. Who are you to say that you are not destined for greatness, renown, and the chance to change the world? You cannot see beyond today what marvelous things await you. But I know that there is greatness in your future. I am a fortune teller after all. So don't lost heart. Never stop honing your craft. Words are the tool by which you will gain the hearts of the world. They are your alone to shape and form into weapons or healing hands. You can use them to lift others or bring them to an awareness of their own misery. No matter what you do, I know you will use the incredible power that you possess. And I know you will use it wisely.
Do not forget either that your music can be the key to unlocking the soul. Music will open people up so that they let you in and trust you. In some ways your musical talent will be more potent than words ever could be, and you will need this for yours days ahead.
Second: Be cheerful. Strive to be happy. Remember to focus on the positive in life. Learn and remember how to laugh at yourself. Don't ever forget or belittle the beautiful things in life by focusing on the sadness, loneliness or heartache. With all it's sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.

I remember when I first met you in MDT. We were rehearsing and I shook your hand on stage to introduce myself as Ellen Natalia Shine. I had no idea then who you really were or how close we would become.
I remember tear-filled nights of rehearsing Lifeboats, and once you gave me a massage so deep I felt it for days. Haha. I invited you over to a "party" and that was the day I really met you. You stated late after the rest had gone and we talked for what felt like hours. That was the first day that I began to hope. I hoped that I might have actually found a real friend. Someone who might actually understand me. Who might actually like the same strange things that I did.
We liked the same books, movies, architecture, people, philosophies, twisted endings, words and poetry. I was floored. Completely shell-shocked. Completely happy.
You're amazing and fabulous and wonderful and I love you so much! Remember me when you are rich and famous. Always know that even if we grow apart, we'll always be friends. Don't forget about me. I sure won't ever forget you, the one person I've ever been this close to, ever had so much in common with. Even if our friendship is only to be a brief spot of sunshine in the black hole that is high school, it's something that I wouldn't trade for anything. Ever.
Now you understand why a tiny space in your yearbook wasn't enough for me. I have too much to say to you. I'm too grateful to have met you. I couldn't fully express it in even an entire yearbook page. You made moving to Lehi worth while for me because I found a real friend. As corny as that sounds, you're my best friend. Now I don't need you to feel like I'm your best friend in the whole world, but I want you to know that you're as close as anyone has ever gotten to mine. Probably as close as anyone will ever come.
I'm so glad to have met you, you wonderful, talented, beautiful girl.
I won't tell you not to change because I would never take away the potential that you have, that I see in you. So change. Grow and experience life, good and bad. Enjoy every moment and sing in the rain. Notice the beauty in the fullness of summer, and the stark winter. Have pic-nics, write pointless songs about sunshine. Paint the walls, remember who you are. Never tune out natures song. It plays only for you, exactly when you need it most. Smile, even when you don't feel like smiling. Don't be afraid to cry, and don't shy away from the hard things in life. They will make you stronger. Don't forget me.
You're going to have a blast with this new phase of you life. Always know who your true friends are and who you can trust. Know that I'll always be here if you need someone to talk to, or need someone to listen. I'll be here for you.
You're perfect. I'll miss you when you leave, but I'm crazy happy for you. Congratulations. I'll be singing at your graduation. haha. Just for you.

I love you, Soul Sister,
H.A.K.A.S. <3