Monday, June 6, 2011

The Alphabet Book

You know how the Alphabet books have all the same pictures? Well I've never seen half of them in my life. But you know what I saw yesterday? A Quail! I real life Quail! It had the little whoopdy black head curl thing and everything! It was amazing. I didn't know they really existed.
So I was wondering: Fact or Fiction? How many things in the Alphabet have you actually seen? Here's another one. I for Ink with the picture of the little black inkwell thing.

So anyways, I love how often there are coincidences in life. I just posted "Truth" which is about what we really know in life, and I've had five conversations about that same topic since then. It's been really exciting because it's helped me get super in depth with the story I'm writing, and how to push the message through that I'm looking for.

I'm also writing a book on twitter! One post at a time :) Probably around one every day or two, just a quick sentence (140 characters) that will turn into a book. Exciting, no?
So lots of things coming up. I'll post links and things here. It's going to be a fun summer.

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