Friday, September 30, 2011

A future of promise

As the snow white ashes of a lofty dream destroyed, gently descend from their heavenly  heights, a sweet peace blankets the desolate earth in it's memories. The stillness of the earth defines the swirling skies, giving them breadth and presence in an otherwise barren landscape of harsh cold and passionate warmth. Where once the constancy of moving form gave life to the stark towers that scrapped against the heavens, mighty in their symbols of power, silence grips their broken steal girders, relishing a sense of despair where once was none. Oh how the mighty do fall! So secure in their supposed earthly dominance, life gave way to omnipotent powers of destruction, forfeiting the rights of living they fought so valiantly for so many years ago. This is what it has come to. A broken sea of Rearden Steel, the works of the enlightened, the complacent, and the fallen, now brought to pass before the biting wind as a sacrifice upon the alter of pride.

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