Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Music Speaks the Truth

There's something about music, wouldn't you say? It somehow cuts through all of the worlds nonsense and confusion and speaks to our souls. My director always says, "Music Speaks the Truth." And it does!
Right now I've been playing the piano quite a lot as well as being in two choirs and Musical Theatre, so I've been very exposed to it lately and learned so much. I've learned it takes work. If the music is conveying a message, but you and your body language or facial expressions are not, then you're basically lying and it comes off false and shallow.
So taking that knowledge, I think that we underestimate the power that music has in our society and the source for good it can be. If we like an artist, or one song really speaks to us, the connection that is made is a connection in our very soul. That is why there is such a hero worship of musicians, because the fans feel like they are understood and accepted by the music their particular musician has portrayed to them.
Music also has tremendous political power. A catchy tune can get stuck in your head and be reapeated all day on the radio and on tv. The words become ingrained, like subliminal messages stuck on replay. The words can weaken our thoughts, ideas, arguments and convictions, or they can strengthen them. But to say that the music we listen to doesn't affect us is either a blatant lie, or a gross misunderstanding.

Just a thought.

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