Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Rapture Everyone!

It's the end of the world as we know it. Isn't it fine?
Ah yes. Rapture. What a wonderful day it is. Last night was quite enjoyable because my family's catch phrase became, "Oh it's alright. Rapture's tomorrow." Or, "Eat drink and be merry. For tomorrow, WE DIE!" Sang to the tune of the Sons of Alma Scripture mastery soundtrack. Good times...

Anyways, remember everyone. The world ends tonight at 6pm in your respective time zones. It doesn't matter that England and Australia have already reported peace and quite as six o'clock came and went. Rapture is coming people, get ready! (But that won't stop me from getting ready for Theatre Banquet tonight) I bought this cute pearl necklace with ribbons...) Basically, Rapture is a bust. Sad but true. The world ending tonight might add a bit of needed excitement to life right now, Eh?

All this leads me to a very important question: If the world were to end tomorrow, or tonight, how would you spend your final hours? I spent mine helping my Grandparents unload their entire house into a storage unit, and then my cousins Bridal Shower. Ideally though, I imagine I might have gone Sky Diving or Rocky Mountain Climbing or done 2.7 seconds... well, you get it.

How would you spend you last hours? Maybe with family or friends? On your knees? At the bar? I think it says a lot about the person you are. Where would you be? What things in your life would you want to resolve? What things about yourself would you realize and wish you had time to change?

So that's it for now. No real lesson or funny story this time other then my endless enjoyment over this whole Rapture thing. Just something to think about, a little food for thought.

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