Monday, May 23, 2011

What was I scared of?

Have you ever read that Dr. Suess  story "what was I sacred of?" It's about this little yellow dude who is afraid of these floating pale green pants with no body inside them. I used to completely relate! You see... I have this phobia. I would say it's irrational but it's not my fault as anyone will attest.
It all started long ago...
I was five years old visiting my cousins. The second oldest girl Kai... well she's an interesting girl. There were two tall bunk beds in her room when we went up there. After hanging out in her parents room and watching The Prince and the Cobbler, we went to her room and each sat at the top of the different beds. All around the floor were strewn the headless bodies of Barbie dolls, callously cast about the ground. Surrounding them were their heads, lost and forlorn, hair tangled and wild. I thought nothing of them...until she opened the window. There was a stormy wind that day you see, and something happened that day when she opened the window. Something... well something not very nice. The strong breeze sent a gust of wind through the casement, taking my small five year old mind completely off guard. The heads, unnoticed until then, began to slowly move. They rolled across the floor directly. towards. me.
Kai looked up with panic in her eyes and shouted, "Run Rachel! Run! The Barbies are after you!" I jumped up with a cry of terror and fled the room, nearly rolling down the stairs and falling head-long into my mother.


Now I'll be the first to admit, that might not be exactly how it happened. But the event is colored with such terror and distress in my mind that I remember it no other way. To this day the event is looked upon by others of my family as a humorous story, even more so because it haunts me to this day.

So I was wondering (because apparently I like to ask you all questions) what irrational fears do you have? And where do they come from? Do you have a traumatic story that scarred your childhood, as I do? If so, tell us. We'd love to hear it.

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