Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What matters most

In trending with things that are important to me, I think it wise to mention my fanatical and slightly unhealthy obsession with the theatrical arts. (I also think it is important to note that I have used spell-check four times in two sentences... five.)
You see, it all started long ago. Sixth grade to be precise. -insert flashback here-
Into the Woods. That was my gateway musical. That was what started it all. Of course, back then theatre was just some weird thing to do where I could hang out with my friends and make a fool of myself. Little did I know what it would become.
I moved around a bit. Experienced a director here and there. I did a few community productions and learned the basics of it all.
Then one day... I realized something. Theatre is more then just pretending to be someone else for three months straight and nine hours every day after school. Theatre meant family. The people around me were more than just my friends. I saw them more than my own flesh and blood relatives. My cast, and the crew as well, became one unified group. We shared the same goal, became one in purpose, and created something together that was magical.
Now, the fact that it took me so long to realize this is sad to me sometimes, but realize it I did! So that as I moved again, I knew that to join theatre would be to find my place in this new Twilight Zone of a world. I enlisted in the class and found something truly incredible. I felt at home. I barely knew anyone, and no one knew me. The director didn't know I existed and all I could do was the bare minimum, back at the bottom rung of the theatrical latter. And yet... I felt at home. I stood on that stage and I remembered what it was like to have a family.
Sometimes it was sad. I kept expecting Garret to walk by or to see Kenzie rehearsing back-stage. I waited for Coach to say something completely inappropriate and laugh, or to have a techie ask me for help. But as I stood there in an auditorium much different than my own, I was at peace. I felt comfortable and knew I belonged there.
Months passed and I got to know my new family. They were different from the family I had known and left behind, from the family I never would forget, and yet they were the same. They welcomed me in and  we all devoted our entire beings to the cause. We put on a show that depicted the true story of the Titanic, each of us representing a soul who had been aboard, and we grew closer. We rehearsed and practiced and learned to love one another. Now I'm not saying we all got along. No family is perfect. I am saying that there is something magical about putting on a show.
I am half a country away from my old home. I miss it terribly. But I did not have to leave behind what matters most to me.
And best of all... I have a new family. People who have changed my life and made living here a blessing and an adventure. Thank you all, members of MDT, and my wonderful techies. You'll never know the incredible influence for good you have been to me. I'll never forget you.

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