Monday, December 12, 2011


There is pain in this life which no words or amount of time can heal. There are wounds which never close, there are scars which never fade. There are people out there who I cannot help.
When a boy tells me in the quite of his car that he stopped doing drugs when he nearly hung himself in front of his cousins.. .when a girl explains the horrors her mother went was put through as a child because of her Father and Uncle... when the most wonderful boy I've ever met is hated by his parents and my two dearest friends come to school bruised and broken because of domestic abuse... That is when I realize my own inadequacy as comforter, counselor and friend. That is when my carefully guarded walls come crashing down and my heart is seized by an emotion greater than that which I have felt before.
That is when I realize my own selfish stupidity, my own awkward bubble that blinds me to the suffering of others. That is when my prideful egotism is shattered and I can think of no greater wish than to stop being me. I can accomplish no good, I can do nothing but hurt the ones I care for and pretend at what I do not know.
The world would be better off without me wasting its precious air. But whilst I am here, selfishly so, I'll do the best I can do. And that is to breathe, take a step back, and empathize.

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