Saturday, December 17, 2011

A song

"Write a song" I told myself
About them so they'll listen.
"Show them what talent really is
Not some stupid pointless whim."
So I set out of my own volition
To write a song of lies.
I wrote about the strength, beauty and light
That sparkled in their eyes.
"I love you all!" I told them.
"You saved me from the dark!"
When the darkness lay around me
No intention to let go.
It was they themselves who caused it,
Fed it, anxiously watched it grow.
"It was you!" I realized screaming.
"You're who I should fear!
You'll suck me dry and beat me down
Until I disappear!"
But you hid beneath the shadows
Poisoning me all along
And I never would have known it
If I hadn't wrote that song.

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